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About #SiblingsToo

The Hidden Taboo


Sibling sexual abuse (SSA) has long been the "hidden taboo" - hidden in families and hidden in society.  Unfortunately, the person abused, the abuser and the rest of the family are often ill-equipped to deal with the situation.

Does SSA Really Happen?


Evidence shows SSA may effect as many as 1 in 5 families. It is thought to be 5 times more prevalent than father-child abuse. SSA happens often, yet taboos around this specific type of abuse have meant there is less research and data.

Our Aim


The #SiblingsToo project encourages people to anonymously share their story. The honesty of the abused person, the abusive person or other family members will speak volumes to the rest of society by helping researchers and experts understand more.

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The more people who know about this project, the more stories we will be able to gather. Statistically, there will be several people in your 'six degrees of separation' who know about this subject. Please take a moment to share the URL in any of your social media posts or just mention it to your friends, colleagues or family, even if SSA is not something you know about. By doing so, you are not implying or admitting anything. You are simply making it more likely that the people who need to find this site will.

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Please remember to always take care of yourself. If you feel you need additional help, please contact your doctor, therapist, religious leader or other professional. 

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